Timewarner & Hackers!!

Timewarner cable internet service sucks in Redlands area.  Connection is dropping every other day, very very slow connection maybe even slower than a dialup, help desk not answering phone calls etc. They are very luck that they are monopoly in my area. Interestingly every time I call timewarner (of course after waiting about 50 minutes on the phone listening a message a rep will be with me shortly), they tell me it is the modem problem i have at home. However all my friends who has unfortunately timewarner cable internet at their home has the same problem. If all my friends in Redlands area are not using my modem at home, i guess it is Timewarner stupid, unreliable service in our area.

More interestingly i get a call from them once a month, offering a phone service over internet, i always give the same expression to them, “Is this a joke?”, and tell them how bad their service is… Guess what they credit my account for the days i cant connect, however i am ok to pay to a service that actually works :), and now Timewarner is proud to give me a service that doesnt work :)

Anyways to cut the long story, short, after many calls, they send me the email below, and basically they are saying hackers are attacking Timewarner to cut their internet service. It is the most stupid excuse that can come from a company as there is nobody to dispute it . Here is the email from Timewarner.

Thank you for your inquiry.
During the past week, hackers have launched a series of attacks on Time
Warner Cable's servers.  Time Warner Cable is working with law
enforcement agencies to resolve these crimes.
As a result of these attacks, you may have experienced a temporary
"outage" when attempting to surf the Web, including an intermittent
"page cannot be displayed" error message. The outages did not result in
services being 100% unavailable, and were limited to sporadic timeouts
which appeared to be random events.  Some users may have experienced a
total disconnect, however. These types of attacks are not uncommon,
especially for a network as large as ours. We suspect that the attackers
are using "zombie computers," or hijacking unsuspecting subscribers'
machines to perpetrate the attack without its owner's knowledge.
All of us at TWC take these attacks extremely seriously. As previously
mentioned, we are working with the appropriate law enforcement agencies
that specialize in investigating these types of crimes. We will pursue
prosecution of all perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law. We
apologize for the inconvenience that these attacks may have caused and
encourage you to report any suspicious activity. Instructions for
reporting security abuse are located at
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
at the number listed below. Our telephone representatives are available
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Have a nice day!
Time Warner Cable


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