MVC Presentation at CodeCamp

oday i was a speaker at the socalcodecamp for the first time. First let me talk about what i think about this codecamp as a listener :).

I saw that the presentation titles do not really match with presentation contents. Usually the titles are too much promising, raising the bar, and ... content is totally different. Another interesting thing is that, i was expecting lots of talks about MVC and Silverlight but didnt find much. It was usually patterns, methodoligies. So hopefully next codecamp will be full of mvc and silverlight :). 

Besides this, the campus was nice, though there was a parking problem as some of the gates were closed, and i think when you host an event that you expect a few hundred people to few thousand people, you should give a map that tells you where the restrooms and restaurants are.

As a speaker, i was very much excited i guess during the presentation, but i think i did good :). I will upload the slides and some of the photos too, this presentation motivates me to come up with a few more presentations for the next codecamp.

 Here is my presentation file in powerpoint format:

Introduction to MVC.pptx (224.09 kb)

 I find this MVC thing really fun to play with, it is simple, easy but requires sometime to learn it.  Once you get the concept, i am sure you will enjoy it.

Especially when you start writing unit tests, not only it gives you more confidence about the stability of your code, but also you start learning how to code loosely coupled  objects. I am a newbie in unit testing, but even myself, when i write the function( i apply TAD sometimes), i think, ok how am i going to do test this, when there is these dependicies, and i start refactoring the code. Anyways :) you will find tens of photos at my facebook profile :)

have fun 


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