Check Permissions throws exception (SharePoint 2010)

I am working on a claims provider module for SharePoint 2010. I completed almost all the functionality, and now it was time to test the provider using the UI. It passed all the tests except one. When I try to check permissions for a secruity group, I was getting an exception, and SharePoint was displaying the default exception window. At first; I thought it was my code; and I debugged the code, and did not see any problem with the code. Then I decided to do the thing that I was supposed to do first; check SharePoint logs with ULSViewer. When I check the logs, the error message was:
System.InvalidOperationException: Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object. at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPUserToken.GetClaimsUserLoginName()
It was obvious that this could not be my code, as I don't call GetClaimsForUserLoginName, so I decided to google this error message; and bumm first hit was to MSDN. I installed this patch, and it fixed my problem. I wonder how did this bug not catch before SharePoint 2010 release? It is one of the very core functionality for a provider (check permission).


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