Socal CodeCamp Reviews

I attended the 2 day Socal CodeCamp in San Diego which is a great event that I think all the developers in the area should attend. I am a frequent CodeCamp attendee :) , and usually enjoy the sessions.

I did not see a huge crowd this time at the CodeCamp (purely personal observation, you should talk to CodeCamp management for real data which says one of the most crowded codecamp in San Diego). It is summer time, people may have more fun stuff to do such as surfing :). Actually I even heard someone would go surfing in between  sessions :).

If you look at the interest tag cloud for the sessions this time there are lot of Sql Server, Silverlight, 101 XXX, Step by Step XXX.  It seems that people are interested in Beginner Level sessions. Once again this is purely personal observation, and people may attend different sessions and choose other sessions :). 
Overall the quality of the sessions that I attended were good, I mean when it is free, why would you complain right? But I still will :)).

I think some hours of the codecamp should be purely dedicated to more advanced sessions. Such as on Saturday sessions at 9 – 12, all sessions are advanced, this will help to arrange schedule for visitors.

Another issue, is lot’s of repeating.  Microsoft is coming out with lot’s different tools, and other communities such as Mono community is coming with lot’s different tools, and we don’t get a change to listen any talks about most of these.  I know the real question is then why don’t take the steps and learn one of these and give a talk :) Well, for this fall I am planning about it.


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